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Difference of Haotian Laser Machine with Others


Items(35*25inch 600*900mm laser engraving/cutting machine)

the parts we use on our economic machine

other cheaper suppliers


Laser tube(warranty for one year)


We use orignal and newest production date of Reci brand tube(best quality one in China). If there is any quality problems under warranty time, we will send you by air for FREE and we bear the air cost.


Advantage of Reci tube:

01 Beam quality: >95% TEM00 mode

02 Optical resonator advantage: enhance power

03 Advanced radioactive materials coated lenses

04 Alternative technique: metal-glass sintering


other cheaper brand tube, it has no date on it, how can it warranty??

or even there is no brand(made by their local small malls). some of them are even no labels on the tube.


Power supply(warranty for two years)


We use DY13 for 90-100W and DY20 for 100-150W tube.

1. Good compatibility 2.Easy Control 3. Output open circuit protection. 4. TTL signal indication, water Through signal  indication and laser output indication. 5.DY13 power supply h “TEST” manual test button.6. Flexible installation

other cheaper brand ones.


Up and down screw


We use top quality ball screw up and down table

it moves more smooth and quite.

And we have two step motor for the up and down table.

up and down distance can be 9.85inch(25CM)


Up and down method.


We use rubber belt(steel wire inside),

but other suppliers use low quality metal chain.





Controller(we use RD6445, bigger LED panel and more functions)


Wth Rdworks V8 software. you can also use CorelDraw/AutoCAD/Lightburn software.


RDC6445G system is the latest generation of laser engraving / cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology. The control system has better hardware stability and better resistance to high voltage and static electricity. The human-machine operating system based on the 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. The controller includes more perfect






RD6442 or even old version. or other cheaper and not stable brand of controller.




we use Leadshine 583 three phasestep motor, best quality one in china)

other brand, like JMC or smaller 2 phase motor and driver


guide rail(both XY axis, orignl HIWIN/PMI from Taiwan)


Advantage:high positional accuracy, long life with high motion accuracy, High speed motion is possible with a low driving force, equal loading capacity in all directions, easy installation, easy lubrication, interchangeability.


use other cheaper brand or fake(not original) HIWN/PMI ones, or even not guide rail




We use II-VI(US Brand, import materials focus lens. the diameter is 20mm

and focus length is 50.8mm(63.5mm/100mm optional). both prefect function for engraving and


poor quality ones



Lens holder


we use best quality one lens holder, good painting and top quality, the important is the precision is very high, much easier to adjust the laser path compared with low quality ones.


Mechanical part


much stonger, much thicker metal parts we use. make sure machine works smoothly and not get deformed.


Laser head


Multiply function on.

we can put different focus length lens(such as 38mm/50.8mm/63.5mm/75mm/100mm) lens. inside.


Auto focus(The red pin part)


With auto focus, we don't need to find the focus distance between laser head and material surface by

hand.machine will find the right auto focus distance





Wifi Function.


In this mode, one PC connects to one wireless terminal device via wireless terminal. As Figure-1 showed: Figure-1 One desk-top computer wireless connection diagram

(Configured WIFI network card with USB interface) Based on above structure, configured with RuiDa motion controller and RD-WIFI smart terminal devices, and the desk-top computer with wireless card, the wireless control can be achieved between computer and machine.





Water chiller.


We use orignal S&W brand(best quality in China)

NO DAMAGE. And warranty for two years.

poor quality ones


Tube holder


Compatiable with the laser tube.

Very easy to adjust the laser path. and make sure the tube is safe.

simple one, not easy to adjust laser path


Smoke pipe(blue one)


We use the blue color thick plastic ones, long life

and not easy get deformed




Exhasut fan



We use top quality strong and low noise 550W exhaust fan.

less noise and stonger air blow.






With ammmeter, we can adjust the laser power at any time. even the machine is working. no need to adjust in the software.



Dust collector.


Easier for us to take the rubbish get away from the machine. by doing this, we can also protect the motor and belt at the

bottom of the machine.



Air assist system


with air assist system, the smoke can be removed, and temperature of the laser working point can be cool down. by doing this, there will be no or less burnt or yellow color.



Red dot.


With the red dot, we know clearly where is the laser and the point where the laser starts to work.


standard parts on the machine:

1. Red dot.

2. Air assist system.

3. Safety glasses(FOR FREE)

4. Rotary(FOR FREE, three design optional)

5. Machine color can be OEM. you can make your own laser baby!(needs longer delivery time,about 20 days)

6. machine can also be compatible with Mac computer, not only Windows.

7. We send both honeycomb table and aluminum blade table

8. Split design(can go through narror door)

9. Pass trough slat design(for feeding bigger materails)

10. Cover-open-protect switch(for more safety consideration)

11. Both up and down moving limit switchfor more safety consideration)

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